Aged Out Foster Youth/Trauma Victims
Danny Vann, FFTS

Between 20,000–30,000 foster youth age out, or “graduate” out, of the foster care system each year. Within four years of aging out, 70% will be on government assistance, 25% will not have completed high school, and less than 12% will ever earn…

Danny Vann, FFTS

Mom? Where are you? Why Foster Care?

It’s ironic that for over 460,000 youth currently in Foster Care, and countless millions of alumni from the Foster Care System, Mother’s Day is a painful reminder that there is a hole in their heart where a loving mom’s warm embrace was supposed to be.


Why I Care About Foster Care & Adoption

With the COVID Pandemic changing everything about how we go about our lives these days: kids in lock-down not able to physically attend school or see their friends. Life in the neighborhood is indeed strange — and strained. …

DannyVann FormerFoster - TraumaSurvivor

Author/Speaker/Ordained Minister/Singer-Songwriter/Life-hack specialist

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