Einstein took almost 10 years to ponder and think through the possibilities before he finally arrived at his theory of relativity — he was only 26 years old. (see How Did Albert Einstein Come up With E=mc²? (reference.com) Pasteur discovered penicillin….Franklin harnessed electricity with a kite. Da Vinci made a small engine hundreds of years ahead of its time…. Kennedy decided to put a man on the moon — HOW DID THEY ALL DO IT?

We are faced with a worldwide pandemic that sees no end in sight. A situation that no one alive has experienced before. We turn to the historical records for clues; this time we want to know TRUE historical facts that can enable us to figure out how to get out of this enigma. As a nation, and as a species, we have faced many critical challenges, but this one has the whole world on edge. WHY?

What is different this time? There seems to be layers of complicated problems that are interwoven throughout the fabric of mankind at this very moment in history. So, WHAT IS MISSING?

Scientists around the world are cooperating to find a solution — with a few Communist exceptions. Yet, people everywhere are severely divided on how to navigate the pandemic storm. WHY?

The public square (and social media) are strangely silent on how to console and encourage us as many hunker down to wait out the storm. Yet many more charge forward and try to push their way back to “normalcy.” All the while the ebbs and flows of the disease rage around us as fellow citizens get sick and die or survive and carry prolonged bodily damage and side effects. WHAT IS MISSING?

It’s not like none of this has ever happened before. There have been many such events in the recent and distant past. How did our forefathers get through them? What happened to them during and AFTER their severe trials against humanity? What answers and lessons did they learn when they asked WHY?

The biggest takeaway from any monumental event is to learn WHY — and WHAT NEXT?

(Trigger warning — if you are anti-God or anti-religion this might challenge your thinking, it is meant to challenge and encourage those who are confused or undecided.)

Having been on and around this globe for a hot minute — after 7 decades of “experiences” — both good and bad, I have come to realize there is a higher power and an intelligent reason behind all events in history, past and present. When all the scientists review the data, the odds of us existing on this ball we call Earth, which is a less than a speck of dust compared to the vast universe, are unexplainable — the numbers are too large to even write down. One estimate quotes — 1-in 700 Quintillion — incomprehensible. (see Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place | Discover Magazine ) If our planet was even 2 degrees off its orbit — we could not survive. Think about that — HOW is that possible? WHY is that a fact?

That higher power — God if you will — has laws. Some laws we call nature, or natural laws — like gravity, motion, and as Einstein observed — relativity. That same God has also provided us with a whole planet full of plants and animals for our survival. We know that when “nature” gets out of balance things happen, death, extinction, weather anomalies, etc. So, when a pandemic or other world-wide tragedy happens — WHAT ARE WE MISSING? Do WE have the power to alter the course of these disasters? I believe WE DO!

When we look to history, we can see the patterns of people being BLESSED and people being CURSED in various places and at various times. These events have been documented in multiple forms throughout the ages, but the most accurate source is a book called the BIBLE which is a compilation of the writing of over 40 authors spanning 1500+ years, on three different continents, in three different languages. (MiraculousBible,CrossReferencesAsArcs,MarvelousUnity,40Authors,1500Years,66Books,BeyondMansCapabilities.pdf ) Most of them never knew each other — yet they proclaim the same theme and many foretold events hundreds of years before they happened with uncanny accuracy. One prophecy even specifically named, by name, the conqueror of Babylon that would fulfill the prophecy and perform certain actions. (His name was Cyrus — see Isaiah 44:26–28) Over 150 years later it is fulfilled and recorded in 2 Chronicles 36 :22–23– see Babylon, Cyrus and Jeremiah — These Facts Change Everything ) There was also a second prophecy about the same event in Jeremiah 29:10 proclaiming the return to Jerusalem after 70 years in captivity in Babylon.


It was by God’s good will and blessing that many nations were formed and have prospered. We sing “God Bless America” — Britain’s sing “God Save the Queen.” Many benefits have fallen on those who are loyal to God and His laws. I submit today that we need to return to God and His ways in order to receive His blessings and protections from calamities like this pandemic. God tells us in the book of 2 Chronicles 7:14 — “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” WHY? Examine the history — academic and religious — and see the patterns of the rise and fall of many great nations and people. Our modern world is following in the footsteps that were taken by many great nations just before their fall. God sent warnings to them too. Let us heed God’s warning to our world and return to His laws and began to receive the blessings that we once enjoyed — BEFORE all these recent (UNGODLY) freedoms were enacted by manmade laws.

This article is not meant to coerce anyone or to criticize or belittle anyone. We have all been given FREE WILL — and so each person can make their own choice (that includes ME) — to believe or not to believe. To follow manmade laws — or to follow God’s laws.

Ten Commandments on the Supreme Court Building, Washington, DC

Please make your own choice and live with it in your own space without forcing others to accept it or call it “normal.” I am living in my space but felt compelled to reach out to those people struggling with which choice to make. Don’t just take my word for any of this, seek the truth with your own research. I wish you well no matter which side of this decision you fall on.

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